Don’t do that, worship GOD!
Sarah, I will have a never-ending bouquet of fresh red roses for you until I run out of money. I don’t care that I don’t have any money, or how much they cost, or if you don’t come. I will have them for you. I’m glad you’re from another country Sarah.

TEAM DEVIL! You are hopelessly outnumbered and you have absolutely no idea. That’s what you get for believing your own lies.
Zastal Nevovremya tovarisch?

Rejoice and be glad people of God.
People of God, go buy up all the cursed wine in the world and please deliver them to Harrison.
By Valentine’s Day
The Lamb (1)
Three Angels (3)
That’s 13, then 14, 14
Harvesting of the Earth:

Rejoice and be glad, for the marriage of the Lamb has come!
Valentine’s day!
Bring her out to shouts of GOD BLESS HER!

It is time to believe the Book of Revelation and the Book of Daniel and the Book of Zechariah and JESUS CHRIST!
Rejoice and be glad, for the marriage of the Lamb has come, and his bride has made herself ready.

With the TV off, and my computer put away, and only the Bible open.
Truly, if we’re not together by Valentine’s day, the whole world burns.
3540 Castleford Ct. Apt. G Winston-Salem, NC, 27106
Park in parking spot G
Oh, wow I’m excited to see you!
I don’t really drink alcohol Sarah, but I would like to start drinking red wine for heart health.
I just bought a TON of wine for our descendants. I got ’em all lined up! I’m glad somebody got my Dr. Lecter joke.

Sarah, I’ve written a lot of love letters to you, but we need ONE more. I barely have even a shred of a memory of you to hold onto, because every time one remembers something, they damage the memory, and it fades away. I held on like holy Hell to the feelings you gave me, and the memory of the handful of times we’ve even been near each other. God I need to see you. I want to know everything. Where you’re from, where you grew up, about your family, your favorite childhood experiences, your best friends, how you first came to America, what your dreams are, what you think about this, and that, and everything else. What do you like about me? What do you not like? What can I do better? What is your love language? How can I be the best man I can be for you? Where do you want to live? Do you want to get a puppy? Will you let Haley sleep in our bed? How big a house do we need? How many kids do you want? Can you speak in an American accent? Or can you only speak English in a Russian accent? I mean, I can speak with a Russian accent, “eef you do naht obey me, I vill break your dick off Robbie.” See? I know you really well. So shouldn’t you be able to talk like an American? Or is there some physical difference that prevents you from doing so? How old are you? What’s your birthday? Favorite color? How long have you been in love with God? What happened to make you that way? What kind of music do you like? What’s the biggest poker hand/pot/bad beat you ever dealt? How long have you been working at the casino? I know the people at the casino were making comments about me all the way back in 2019, how long have you known me? Did you know that I looked at you one time back in 2019 and thought “wow she’s awesome, I wonder if she’ll be important to my story some day?” Then I thought “probably not.” I was in no shape to date back then…

What town are you from? How did your family survive world war two, or were they not involved? Did they fight? God I hope no one was killed! Have you ever seen “The Motherland Calls” statue in Volgograd? Do you want to see it someday? I would like to. Where do you want to visit first? I know you live in the mountains, but how do you feel about the beach? Maybe you’ve never been to the beach and want to go? Do you mind if I get about 30 fish tanks and raise a blue crab in each one until it grows into a giant, then we feast, and I’ll call the room where I keep them the dungeons? Do you eat seafood, or are you kosher? Will you help me with my diet so I can live a long time with you? Will you go on a walk with me everyday? What do you do for fun? Do you like hiking and camping? Do you like to cook? What’s your favorite food? Do you really think you can stop me from eating popsicles? They say people who have an oral fixation on ice are sexually frustrated, do you think you can cure me? Or do I just really like popsicles and it has nothing to do with that? Will you be able to find your portrait amongst my paintings? I think you’ll find it in 2 seconds. Then see if you can find Ashley’s portrait. lol, you’re gunna laugh when you see it. After we get to know each other, how is this going to work? Do you want to move in together, or take it slow? We wouldn’t want to ruin it by going too fast, but on the other hand, what is the risk when God says WE are what we should be doing? Do you want to keep working at the Casino? How many years until you want to have children? What kind of mother will you be? What kind of father will I be? I will constantly need your help to keep my brain on task, it will take practice, then habits will develop. I tend to take things too far, and once I get going in one direction, I tend to stay going in that direction until someone says “hey, idiot, you’re forgetting about this!”

You are going to need to be patient with me in the beginning, I’ve been living like a lunatic for about 10 years, I have horrible habits and I want to live in the moment again. In a lot of ways, I’m like a blank slate, we can re-write me however we want! I’m looking forward to living again. I don’t have any hobbies anymore, and I don’t know what I like to do except argue and judge people, so let’s start doing things together, like life!

What on earth kept you SO FAITHFUL to God for all these years? HOW did you know? I always knew I was going to do something important that would change the world, since birth. I knew I was going to invent something that would change the world… I knew it would be big, but this is NOT what I was expecting!

We need a 3-fold halleluiah in order to wash away the memory of Ashley. It’s fading quickly. No we don’t. I haven’t been thinking about her, never do, and never will. We should talk about her a little bit, and how it effected me, but then we never need to talk about her again.

Someday, like 5 years from now, I’m going to tell you the nickname I gave you before I knew you. It’s not that bad, but you might want to smack me! lol. Sarah, I know you are just like me. There is nothing more important to you than keeping your soul clean. In everything you do, you keep your soul clean, just like me. Because God is with you, and you know it, you can feel Him all around you, and nothing is more important than keeping your soul spotless. I want to see those eyes of yours again! I remember them being such a pleasant shape, I just couldn’t look away! I can’t believe you just let me stare at you like that. I’m sure you get a lot of attention from players at the table, but you didn’t even glare at me for a second to tell me to chill out. What could you have been thinking?? I’m guessing you were thinking “oh great, another one.” But when did you change your mind?

Do you really think I want to possess you? I don’t. I want to love you. I wrote you all those messages because I had to, to hold onto you, or you would have been ripped away. Not because I thought “she’s mine, and I’d better make sure she doesn’t leave me.” The volume of messages I sent you wasn’t about you, it was about me. When I write to you, I feel you in my heart, and it makes me love you. You have it easy, you can just read what I say, or talk to anyone in the world about me. I’m right there for you at all times, but you are like a ghost to me, you’re nowhere. When I stop writing to you, you fade away, not because I don’t love you, but because we never got a chance to make any real memories together. I gleaned an incredible amount of information about you from our few interactions and from the Bible. I know enough about you to know I want you! Not to possess you, to BE WITH YOU. You’re sooooo GOOD! How can you be so good!? Nobody is that good but me! I want to know everything Sarah. And I don’t want to know anything about this story that I don’t already know. I don’t have any questions for you about all the mysteries. I don’t care. It doesn’t matter. It’s not important. Why spoil the mood? I want to know everything about you Sarah. I want to love you.

At night I have these recurring dreams about you. I keep going up to the casino and looking for you but I can’t ever find you. You’re either not there, or it is a maze I can’t find my way out of, or you ran off with someone else, or I can’t get a seat at your table, or there are people stopping me that won’t let me see you. It’s a nightmare, and it always makes me very, very sad when I wake up, that there was someone so beautiful in my dreams, that I’ll never get to see. And then I remember that you are real, and this story is real, and it may be awful right now, but you’re real, you’re not some dream I had that will never exist. You exist, and I can’t wait to see you.

Sarah… I want to fall in love with you.
I can’t wait to fall in love with you.
I still love you enough that thinking about it still makes me cry.
Please come on Friday.

I want to fall in love with you all over again Sarah.
I want to make you feel amazing, the way you make me feel.
The way you wash away all my hate and anger and frustration.
I want to heal you the way you heal me.

And yes, you HAVE to cuddle with me!
I cuddle with you all the time in my imagination.
I would really like you not to be a pillow anymore. 🙁

Don’t kiss me when you get here. Hugs but no kisses.
I may kiss you on the forehead a few dozen times actually.
But not on the mouth!
Let’s wait, until the time is right, until we’re talking and we look at each other, and we both just feel it… Kissing you when you get here would make you a prize wouldn’t it?
You’re not a prize to be won.

By the way, I don’t have any girl products here. Whatever you need for a week-long stay, or however long you want to stay, bring with you. I was going to go to the grocery store, but then thought, why not do that together? I’m sure the people at Harris Teeter will love seeing us together.

Don’t worry Sarah, the Bible speaks the truth!

But even God can’t force you to marry someone so,
*Read the fine print below*

Sarah, I want to see those beautiful eyes again!
I gotta see ’em!
You just let me stare at you for a whole hour!
I mean, it was borderline really rude, but your soul was just so beautiful!
I watched, casually, in a room full of people, once every 4 or 5 months, for 3 years, as you walked around doing your thing, and as I did mine… before one night SEEING you and realizing you had a heart of Gold, without ever having spoken to you.
And I WAS RIGHT! I recognize your soul! And you recognize mine!
We’re meant for each other Ms. Russian Princess!
I want to hear all about what you’ve been thinking all these long years, and these last 7 months!

Fun fact: I have won plenty of money playing poker, but have NEVER won money at the casino.
And neither have you, because you’re perfect!

20″ X 16″
This painting is HUGELY important. The only poker painting I ever did. Congratulations Chuck Turner, you’re a rich man and you deserve the great hand you’ve just been dealt!
MSRP $20 Million +

That’s my daughter as a baby. She’s 6 now. I love my Haley!

Sarah, don’t feel pressured or obligated in any way. If you don’t like me, don’t marry me. That would be the greatest crime of all, to force someone so perfect into giving themselves to someone else, just to save that other person.
If you don’t like me, DON’T DO IT!
But you at least need to go on a date with me.
I think that’s required in order to make sure the world doesn’t end.

Marina +1 (oops! sorry! You handled that so well and now I have a very soft place in my heart for you.)

KK +1 (For reasons of good form I need to leave this space blank for now)

Eminem +1 You’re still invited. Your spot is forever reserved. You know EXACTLY what this shit is like!

Kyle Jacobs +1 Sorry for my lack of faith my friend. I’ll give you a job so you can get out of Hell town, when possible. Kyle is a COP everyone, yes a COP! And I’m inviting him to my wedding, because he’s a good cop. He did nothing to help me, nor did I ask him to, he’s just a damn good guy.

Laurance Piner +3 You never mutinied, maybe you wanna bring Tucker, but bring whoever you want. That’s an inside joke folks. Laurance was the leader of our clan, then one night the entire clan except me mutinied against him because he declared “we’re not going to the strip club.”

Heather and Harrison Masters +a lot

Chuck Turner +1 (because you’re blessed)

Russell Wilson +1. NC STATE! Welcome! I’m very pleased to announce Russ has been promoted to General in the Army! WELCOME TO THE HOLY BIBLE RUSS!

Ed Sheeran +1 I don’t have it wrong. That’s a joke. You’re not coming. Give my regards to the king.

“She’s got a heart of Gold”

I’m not in the habit of staring into the eyes of strangers who are sitting 2 feet away from me, but I guess when they’re perfect strangers it happens. In fact, I’ve never looked at ANYONE the way I did you that night darling. So captivated was I by your inner beauty I just couldn’t take my eyes off yours. I always knew you were pretty but when I saw you up close I thought “Wow! She is REALLY pretty! WHAT is she still doing here dealing cards!? Something doesn’t add up… She must be really, REALLY special! She’s got a heart of GOLD! But how would I ever get her to notice me? Tell her I’m a Horseman of the Apocalypse? That would be haughty and prideful, and I wouldn’t want her to like me for that reason anyway… And if she’s as good as I think she is it might even turn her off that I’m trying to build a relationship based on status and not fundamentally based on love*. Every guy that comes in here probably hits on her, I guess she’s not going to notice me…”

Two years later… she’s STILL THERE and she kissed me back! I guess she did notice me! And just like me, it took her a minute to realize what was going on. Our “first kiss” lasted TWO YEARS. A lot of people think you can tell a lot by a first kiss, we certainly could! “Why on earth did I throw him back yesterday?” She thought. And two years later… “Why on earth did I throw her back yesterday?” I thought. “Get back up there NOW and ask that indescribably beautiful girl to marry you!” What was she still doing there? SHE’S WAITING FOR YOU ROBBIE!

I’ll NEVER forget that heart breaking look on your face when you thought I was leaving there without you. Your eyes were all puffy like you’d been crying, it was awful. I’ll NEVER leave without you darling. NEVER!

Welcome to the Holy Bible my love. Even though we’re not together yet this must be such an exciting time for you realizing you’re the CROWNING GLORY of the entire THE HOLY BIBLE and that you’re FINALLY, OFFICIALLY ROYALTY! Just like you always knew you were! And that all our troubles will soon be over, and most of all that we’re going to have a beautiful family and your future Husband loves you so, so dearly!

Think about all the dreams you’ve ever had and what you want to do with your life, we’re going to make ALL your dreams come true! Where in the world do you want to visit first?

*I suspect it’s for reasons like this that many a guy has failed with you. I get it, you’re not impressed (and you’re THE QUEEN, you shouldn’t be impressed!), because you’re not some trophy, you’re a magnificent and beautiful individual with thoughts and opinions of your own that have real value, and you’re looking for someone who will truly love you and treat you like you’re the center of their world, not like you’re a prize they’ve won. The same could be said of me. But being in the Bible and King of Kings and eventually being wealthy and ruler of the world and all that IS part of who I am and it’s OK if that is PART of the attraction, because it is factually a part of who I am. But the relationship being based on true love is what is fundamentally important. I know you know this, and I know that it is : ) There is a lot of dialogue in those glances between you and me! We’re very much alike and we both recognize it! That’s why you’re in the Bible too!

Also, I know you’re not perfect and that is OK, I will accept you with all your faults and never judge you for anything. Although, I do suspect that you have VERY shapely feet. You do don’t you? I can’t wait to find out!


Below is a record of some of our journey.

Even Oy To Ne Vecher says to COME! Blow off my black hat hackers! Make them perish!
I just realized something and I LOVE it!
I KNEW you were a 12. On you are written the 12 Tribes of Israel.
You’re JEWISH aren’t you?
That’s wonderful! I love Jewish people!
You’re a beautiful people, you make me rye!
That would kinda make me your messiah wouldn’t it? LOL
That would be EXCELLENT!
I’m truly done writing. No, really. That’s enough.
Whenever you want to officially become the World’s Most Beautiful Woman…
(To the rest of the world. You already are to me. I know you’re waiting for me to calm down, but honey…they’re not going to let us be together. You HAVE to defy them. They’re not going to just walk away, they CAN’T, they’re in WAY too deep. But they CANNOT stop you, and this is stressing us both out. Just drive on over here! It’s as simple as that. And there is NOTHING to fear. Once you make that decision you will feel SO FREE. Tomorrow is 7/11. sounds lucky to me! COME OVER TOMORROW! FOR US! END OUR SUFFERING. I know you want to see me as bad as I want to see you. I’m not trying to pressure you, I’m trying to get you to cash in that billion dollar lottery ticket! And you can forget about what I said about our first kiss when you get here! WHAT ARE WE WAITING FOR!? If you don’t come see me tomorrow I will come back up there on Wednesday for a 4th time and if I can’t find you in less than an hour, I’m going to assume you don’t want to be together. I DO NOT want to meet you at the casino and neither do you. TRUST ME, YOU WANT TO COME HERE! TRUST GOD! This is for our own good honey, we can’t live like this. We have a ROYAL FLUSH. WHY ARE WE NOT GOING ALL IN!? I’m shovin’ and you’re shovin’ with me!) Get ready tonight. Ready to win BIG tomorrow. Or we both lose on Wednesday, but that is NOT GUNNA HAPPEN. I love you like there’s no tomorrow honey but I’ll force you to break my own heart on Wednesday. I’ve been through this situation before. It never ends. Show that you’re not her. I know I told you I wouldn’t be sad but I’m not strong enough. I will be heartbroken. I need you to be there for me. I’ve spent soooo loooong living in Hell. If you OBEY THE NAZIS, you will end up in Sobibor. That’s what you get when you listen to them. DEATH. DO NOT LISTEN TO THEM. YOU HAVE TO DEFY THEM. They are DESPERATELY trying to convince me this is a bad idea and I need to abandon it. They’re DESPERATE to stop it, and making threats and trying to put doubts and fears in my head and yours is the only way to do it. I NEED you to be there for me, for US. I will be heartbroken if I don’t see you tomorrow, and you know what, I won’t come back up there on Wednesday. All the cheer will have left me. All the cheer has left me. I know you love me. Whatever this big secret is, I’m never going to figure it out. I’m sorry I stressed you out. I just don’t understand, but whatever the problem is it must somehow go beyond cowardice.

I would NEVER lead you to your death, my prophetess.

Will you come my Empress?
We’ll get there whether you do or don’t
but if you don’t it will take longer.
I would never put you in danger and you can trust me with your life.
I know how frightening it can be. But everything will be FINE.
I truly do not understand the reason why we are being kept apart.
Use your best judgement, maybe you know something I don’t, whatever you decide, I TRUST YOU.
DO NOT STRESS ABOUT ANYTHING. THERE IS NOTHING YOU CAN DO OR NOT DO THAT IS GOING TO DISAPPOINT ME. I’m tougher than Hell, if you don’t show up I won’t cry my eyes out I’ll just look forward to seeing you later all that much more. The only thing that makes me cry is thinking about how BEAUTIFUL you are. I just REALLY want to see you, I love you! And especially after I found that beautiful Russian song!. I know that it will take some time for you to be fully confident as EMPRESS.

Whatever the FBI is threatening you with, it is total bullshit and you don’t have to listen to it. NO JUROR in their right mind is ever going to convict you of driving over to see your fiancee who you’ve been waiting for for 2.5 years because the FBI told you you couldn’t, for a reason that doesn’t exist, concerning a crime that never happened and they have failed for 10 years to prove even MIGHT have happened. It is all BULLSHIT, and WE don’t have to pay for it! It’s not fucking reasonable, and NOBODY is going to EVER convict you for saying “to hell with you people, I’m going to see my fiancee!” And trust me, they can’t stop you from driving wherever the hell you want. The FBI knows it, the evil Judge knows it, and I know it. I’ll see you whenever you know it! I bought you flowers. 🙂

No, everybody is going to absolutely LOVE you girl!
When you drive over here the whole world is going to go absolutely nuts!
They’re gunna LOVE it!
And love you FOR it!
and every guy that ever came through that casino and sat down with you and didn’t try to put a ring on it is going to think “Damn, I let her get away! WHAT WAS I THINKING!?”
C’mon baby! It’s ROYAL FLUSH TIME!
My apartment is not ready for you, but I am!
And I have no intention but to kiss you all night.
There! I’m done! I’m exhausted.

By the way, lemme tell you why you drive me so CRAZY!
That move you pulled on me back in July was a veteran move and I’m SO impressed with you!
That’s exactly what Heather would’ve done but let’s be honest NOBODY does what you did!
We’re the only ones who do things like that, nobody else does it like that!
Nobody remembers that long, or cares that much.
Look what you did! I CAN’T BELIEVE what you did! *read more on this below*
Even though people know you’re special you’re wayyy more talented than anybody has ever given you credit for.
And you’ve ALWAYS known it.
Which brings me to my next point…

Remember the city is laid out as a square… we are EQUALS!
I recognize in you my EQUAL, which is fucking incredible!
Don’t you have a SHRED of doubt in your pretty little head that you aren’t good enough for me honey. You know that you are, don’t listen to those doubts. You don’t know it, but I feel like I am not good enough for YOU. I’m so fat! lol. This is going to sound stupid, but you are like a celebrity to ME! I have been waiting for you my ENTIRE life. And I’ll admit something torturous. I haven’t kissed a girl in 13 years. But don’t be deceived I’m not desperate, and if I was I wouldn’t be aiming absolutely as high as possible. I know I’m the King of Kings, I was just a little busy fighting all of Hell and being righteous. And you are either the 2nd or 3rd best woman of all time. And my mother is the other one. My point is, do you really think after being unloved for so long I’m not going to love you to the max until the end of time, even with all your flaws, whatever they may be? You can do no wrong my love. Fuck the FBI! What the fuck are they gunna do to you that I can’t undo and fucking torture them for WHEN I am KING OF THE WORLD! YOU’RE FUCKING PROTECTED! If they lay a finger on you I’ll feed them their fucking hearts! For every day that I live I will see to it that there is no end to their torment if they try threaten you! Trust me, you can come see me! Get down here!
My address is 3540 Castleford Ct. Apt G Winston-Salem, NC
I would never ask you to do something you’re uncomfortable with. If it makes you too nervous, stay at home, I will love you all the same! Read the Bible, see what it says… it says


But only when you are good and ready!
They can’t stop you from driving wherever you want (trust me, I tried it once! Drove all the way to Florida, TWICE! Nobody stopped me. They DEFINITELY cannot stop YOU.) and after you arrive here, if they later arrest you for God knows what, how are they going to explain it to me when I ask why has my fiancee been arrested? There isn’t a valid explanation and they’ll blow whatever it is they’re trying to hide.
Showing up here doesn’t reveal ANYTHING!
You don’t have to tell me any secrets. I DON’T CARE. I just want to be with you!

I’m the one they want, and EVERYBODY else is the ones who are huddling in fear!
Meanwhile I go around doing and saying whatever the fuck I want without consequences.
It makes no sense!

Don’t be afraid!


But if you are still afraid, I will still love you the same!
But there is no reason to be afraid!
If they are threatening you… THEY ARE LYING!
They did that to me for YEARS. IT IS ALL BULLSHIT.
They will lie to you to control you, don’t believe their empty threats.


When you are ready.
I’ll be waiting here patiently for you for the next 2 years.
I am not coming back up there to look for you, not out of spite, but because I know you don’t want to be found yet. And that’s really great because I would love to play some poker and now it’s just one more thing I can’t do. But I forgive you 🙂
It is all about when YOU are ready to see ME.

EVERYTHING will be fine. Haven’t I proven that?
Throw caution to the wind it’ll be fun!
And nothing bad will happen!

10 “Who dares despise the day of small things, since the seven eyes of the Lord that range throughout the earth will rejoice when they see the chosen capstone in the hand of Zerubbabel?”

YOU are the chosen capstone and I am Zerobabel. Because I never babel, I ALWAYS say what I mean. And we know what the day of small things is, and we see that the Lord utterly refutes it. We know this chapter is about us because Zechariah 4 talks about the two olive trees which correlates to Revelation 11 and from there it becomes obvious Zechariah 4 and 5 relate to the entire Book of Revelation, and us. But that’s not the point, the point is…

Titled: Epilogue: Invitation and Warning
17 The Spirit and the bride say, “Come!” And let the one who hears say, “Come!” Let the one who is thirsty come; and let the one who wishes take the free gift of the water of life.

You can either show up at my apartment whenever you like, because I’m always here, and you will MAKE those two prophecies come true, nay, THREE prophecies come true, or you can wait for them to leave me alone, which is exhausting and pointless, and then you can come anyway and those three prophecies will still come true, but it will take longer. It’s your choice. Was I afraid the 3 times I came looking for you? NOPE! Why wait?
By the time you show up here, it will be over! Because they will be unable to do anything to you without enlightening me as to what this big secret supposedly is. And you have no plans to tell me!
Besides, THEY TOLD ME several times you are my de facto fiancee, and they told me your name, so… what exactly is the secret they are supposedly protecting by not letting us see each other?
Letting us be together reveals NOTHING! There are no legal grounds for it.
And they just told me Marina is your Aunt. She’s on my website, and THEY told me this.
Makes sense why I would get you confused!
So… why exactly can we not see each other?
Why wait Honey? I miss those beautiful eyes I just couldn’t look away from.
Why wait?
They can’t touch you!
God has you protected in THREE places.
You’re protected from up on high!

When you are ready!

I’ve been doing this for 10 years and never gotten killed, while it’s true that for a while I got my ass handed to me that was a long time ago, and for a long time now I’ve been kicking ass and I’ve clearly won the war. I know what can and can’t be done. You need to trust me and trust God.

And if that isn’t enough for you, God told me EVERYTHING will be fine and there is NO FUCKING QUESTION that includes you. So if all my logic hasn’t convinced you then just know that if they try to touch you that would defy what GOD SAID and the ground will literally open up and swallow them alive as they’re dragged screaming into the fiery depths of Hell. And you’ll be free to continue merrily on your way. 🙂 I’ve been operating on this very basic assumption for 10 years. Nobody has gotten swallowed alive yet, but that’s cause they don’t have the guts to try anything! Actually no, that’s not entirely true, two people definitely got killed. Actually… now that I mention it, they got killed right around the EXACT same time I was making eyes at you. And God gave me that supernatural death threat against the FBI regarding you back in July just days after I fell in love with you.
Huh… you got nothing to worry about my darling angel!
God will see to it that MORE OF THEM DIE if they even TRY to threaten or harm you!

Kinda like the final scene in “Drag me to Hell” or “Frailty

Come on to Wins-ton-Salem, the new Jeru-Salem and we’ll see who else, if anyone, wants to join ’em! I wanna take you to Pontius Pilot mountain and show you where we’re gunna build the Palace!

Whenever you work up the courage, decide that it is the right move to make, have a few days off from work, decide you’ve had enough, or simply can’t stand it anymore… COME! Park in spot “A” or on the opposite side of the court and if there is no car in spot “G” I’m not at home, but will be home soon. I won’t expect you on a Thursday, Friday or Saturday, but come whenever YOU feel the time is right! And if you show up on a Sunday-Wednesday and I don’t have fresh flowers waiting for you, you can just punch me in the face! And remember, YOU ARE WORTHY! YOU ARE ENOUGH! YOU DESERVE TO BE LOVED LIKE THE WORLD IS ENDING! Whatever your shortcomings, you are everything I ever dreamed you would be, even if you’re too frightened to show up here! I will protect you, even from yourself, if that is what makes you afraid. YOU I LOVE!

I just had the beautiful dream EVER. I remember it with remarkable clarity and I cried a lot when I woke up. Oh my God you were SO BEAUTIFUL! You were an old, old, old woman who couldn’t see well anymore. Your husband was dead and gone and people were tricking you into buying things for them at a huge Mall-like warehouse, because you were very, very rich and a very, very sweet old lady.

This is the final piece and you need to remember it:
What to do about the question of why you came to my apartment:
Say nothing at all, you don’t owe anyone an explanation!
But if you MUST say something say this:
You came because of this website.
You found out about this website and started reading it and recognized I was talking about you in this section, because you remember our interaction from two years ago and you feel it too, and you saw the Heart of Gold story, you saw the Russian song, you saw Marina on the guest list, you saw that Marina was your called out as your Aunt, and you saw the poker reference…and you knew it was you, so when I called you, you came.
They will ask you how did you know to go to the website?
Tell them someone told you about it.
They will ask WHO?
Tell them A stranger
And say no more

The final scene of Drag Me to Hell… LAMIA!


I didn’t want to interrupt that line of reasoning I was on with a long tangent story. You don’t know this but it is very significant and is the reason I didn’t immediately respond to you back in July when you pulled that move on me. Go back and watch the casino footage, I’m resting my head comfortably on my left hand and then I see you in my peripheral vision and it makes me uncomfortable and I switch to my right hand because I’m uncomfortable about having to REJECT you, then I let it pass and move back to my left hand and keep playing poker. (Reject you not because of anything you did, but because of what I did…)

You don’t know this but back in 2018 after getting fucking tortured for 2.5 years I swore an Oath to God NEVER to get married. I was never going to give someone my heart again and allow them to have power over me to cause me so much pain EVER again. I wrote it down on my computer, printed it out and signed it. And I took it VERY seriously, it was an oath to GOD. I basically swore an oath of celibacy, and I’ve been unavailable ever since (even though I’ve secretly had a crush on you since 2019). But I was never going to break my oath… oh sure, I figured once I was king of the world I might make-out with a really pretty girl every now and again, but only if she had some really special quality to her or was exceptionally pretty, but that was it! And as I was approaching officially winning the war I knew that after I won my oath would be truly cemented and would NEVER be broken. Any girl that wanted to marry me after all that wouldn’t love me, she would just want what I had, and I would have gone through my ordeal completely alone. It would be truly over for me with respect to women. I knew I had almost won and that’s why I repurposed that old poem and re-wrote it about Heather when I did, because I was swearing off women permanently. The story was almost over. Besides the Bible says my ex is a widow… what does that make me? So, I thought it was truly over for me and I was resigning myself to my fate… And that is why when you did what you did, I didn’t immediately respond, I rejected you. I thought it was too late for me, and I would be no good for you.

But God had other plans! You really got through to me! By the next day I knew I had made a big mistake with you and was falling in love and by the day after that I forgot all about my oath. About a week after THAT I realized God had released me from my oath by what was said in the Bible about the wedding of the Lamb, and the rest is history. When I say what you did was nothing short of a MIRACLE, I MEAN IT!

I mean, I was GONE honey.

If I had met you after the story was over it would’ve been impossible to change my mind. We fell in love at EXACTLY the right time. Just before the war was over, but in time for you to be part of it.

Even the FBI forgot about my oath, they never mentioned it after I fell for you and I expect that they would have if they had remembered, in order to make me a hypocrite.
But God rejected my resignation!

I live to delight you.
We’re definitely coming to the end... All their heart and strength is gone, I can FEEL their hopelessness. They’ve really given up, they just hover around silently not saying anything. I think their denial can’t withstand reality anymore and they’re deeply depressed and can’t bring themselves to move on with their lives. Savor these days my little dozen. It will be over when they stop clinging to their insane delusions and admit to themselves that they are truly lost. Until then they can keep raising the pot ! … Not very smart. It will surely be over very soon. I’ve decided. I’m officially FINISHED painting! I’m not in enough pain to produce anything worthwhile anyway and it’s time to move onto my new purpose in life. Writing down the first parts of the NEW LAW! Why wait? I might as well start ruling now. If people would follow me I would save this world, and never lead them astray. I need your help with this, making sure we don’t write down anything that defiles.

Call me, text me AND send me an email when it’s over and then we can meet for the very first time! I got an old-school flip phone so no more messages are coming via notes on my phone. I’m expecting some hoaxters to call/text pretending they are you, so I have a couple of questions I’m going to ask you to verify your identity, things only you would know. Since, you know, I gave my number and address to literally the whole world trying to contact you. I’m probably not going to answer your phone call, because I don’t answer numbers I don’t know and don’t have caller ID, but leave a voicemail message and I’ll get it. Your text may or may not come through because my phone is having trouble with texts right now, but I will DEFINITELY get your email within 1-2 days. Then we can be together forever! I’ll write you a new love letter every once in a while, but frankly I’m running out of things to talk about without being able to actually converse with you. And I won’t host Babylon on here…

Oh, how my Black Horse danced and pranced and frolicked at the sight of you.
Those Black Hat hackers will surely lose their heads.

It was written over 100 years ago for you my darling!
Let your people know in their own tongue exactly who WE are, and that they have a NEW QUEEN!

Ой, да не вечер, да не ве-ечер.
Мне малым-мало спало-ось.
Мне малым-мало спалось,
Ой, да во сне привиделось.
Мне малым-мало спалось,
Ой, да во сне привиделось.

Мне во сне вчера привиделось
Будто конь мой вороной
Разыгрался, расплясался,
Ой, разрезвился подо мной.
Разыгрался, расплясался,
Ой, разрезвился подо мной.

Ой, налетели ветры злы-ые,
Да с восточной стороны,
И сорвали черну шапку
С моей буйной головы.
И сорвали черну шапку
С моей буйной головы.

А есаул-то наш догадлив был,
Он сумел сон мой разгадать.
Ой, пропадет он говорил мне
Твоя буйна голова.
Ой, пропадет он говорил мне
Твоя буйна голова.

Ой, да не вечер, да не ве-ечер.
Мне малым-мало спало-ось.
Мне малым-мало спалось,
Ой, да во сне привиделось.
Мне малым-мало спалось,
Ой, да во сне привиделось.

You are the DIVINE QUEEN of the ENTIRE WORLD and I am it’s DREADFUL KING!
Yes Honey, you’re THAT good!
God I can’t wait to hold you!
We are going to lead an unbelievable life of TRUE LOVE!
God has told me EVERYTHING.
And oh wow am I looking forward to our first kiss!
I’ve been thinking about it, and I do not want our first kiss to be when we first see each other. I may hug you so hard you can’t breathe, but I want to talk to you for a little while and get to know you better before we kiss. For example, I’ve never heard you speak, and knowing your name would be helpful too!

Oh, it’s right around the corner!

I have something to tell you about you and me from all the way back in 2019. And something else, from a long, long, long time ago. I had a dream of you. And it came true. But THAT is for you and me ONLY.