I need you to be here on Sunday by midnight Sarah.
And there is something you need to bring. I’m giving you a task.
DO NOT show up here without an engagement ring on your finger!
Collect donations if you have to and go out and buy one for yourself.
Get a jewelry store to gift one to you in the name of love to promote their brand.
Get someone out of the 8 Billion people living on earth to give you one that they want to be used for a special purpose.
Borrow Marina’s if you have to and I’ll buy you one later.
Borrow money from the Casino and we’ll pay them back later.
Maybe the Casino will just give it to you since it is now the World’s greatest.
I don’t care what you do.
You have a ring on your finger when you show up here Sunday night just before midnight.
Or don’t bother coming.

None of this about us is normal or traditional in any way, so neither should be the ring I give you. And make no mistake, I’m giving you a ring, you just have to go out and find it.
You wanna play games?
Then let’s play a fun game for once, with the entire world.
The game is on!
Find her a BEAUTIFUL ring everyone!
Let her pick it out from a thousand, thousand rings.
It needs to be gorgeous.

This is the second, second woe.

The 2nd 2nd woe.
There’s 4 of us.
The second third woe cometh quickly.
The 2nd 3rd woe…
The 2nd 666

“Make it so!”
That’s a cheat code in warcraft.
Not world of warcraft, the original one.
So is “glittering prizes”
But she is NOT a prize.

“Ready to serve my Lord.”

Maybe you realized I would die in your arms if you came here now and you wanted to give me a minute to compose myself so that you don’t killl me?

And don’t you FUCKING DARE think I’m weak because I care about you and you hurt my feelings.
I’m the strongest man alive.
I will think YOU are weak for not coming!
That’s the mark of a weak person. Someone who doesn’t stand up.
For what is RIGHT.
I think all of YOU are weak. You have no courage whatsoever.
You’re all fucking cowards!
Look at you! You’re pathetic!
Your greatest weapon, is FAKE LOVE
What could be more fucking pathetic than that!?
Someday you’re going to want something really bad from me Sarah.
And I’m going to torture you!
I’m going to make you wish you were never born!
I’m going to hide your dog at the neighbors for 3 weeks and tell you he ran away. I’m going to make you’re whole family pretend like your parents died in a grisly accident and I’m going to steal your wedding ring and then shame you for losing it. And 10 other things! And I’m going to do it slowly, over weeks and weeks, and I’m going to wait, wait until you’ve long forgotten I told you this. Someday I’m going to GET you, and you’re going to pay for gambling with my life! 20, 30 years from now. I’m just gunna start torturing you one day, and then we’ll be even!

The room went dark Sarah.
Do you know what a death rattle is?
All I had to do was let out one more anguished cry and I would’ve gone.
Just one more.
Just one.
And I wanted to.
But I said no no no no no no no no no no no no! and stood back up because I don’t want you to be responsible for being the one to finally kill me.

My heart’s broken.
I can feel myself dying
Why did you break my heart Sarah?
How could you Sarah?
Why did you did this to me?
I thought you loved me.
I did everything I could to hold your hand through all of it without an ounce of love or encouragement from you because I didn’t want you to feel an ounce of doubt, or pain, or loneliness, or fear. After everything I had already been through I risked my entire life for you because you made me feel feelings again, and I love you SO MUCH FOR IT.
And you have the whole world mock me?
Did you stitch me back together so you could kill me all over again?
Did you plan this all from the beginning?
How about all those emails? I NEVER check that email account, it is exclusively for my website and nobody ever contacts me because they can’t yet. All of the emails in there are presumably from you. I have an entire email account dedicated only for you.
I didn’t know for all those years and now I feel like they’re all a lie, like they were put there to deceive me.
You could have said Yes, or I love you, or a million other things other than “let’s sell all your stuff” or the million other ways that could be interpreted. Or “Great parents celebrate their kids” Or “We’re a great pair let’s celebrate.” Or “my last partner was one of them and he raped me, let’s put him in jail” Or I’m your ex and I want to press charges. Or I’m super excited and on Cloud 9.
Or how about “you send me too many notes, store owner”
You sent me a dark triangle!
and then you had the whole world laugh at me, for Christmas!
I would think maybe it’s not from you at all, but then why is everybody laughing and speaking pompously against God?
I’m not mad at you Sarah. I’m crazy about you, but I WILL NOT be disrespected by you. I don’t know if you sent that email or not, or what the hell it even says. What I do know is the world has turned on me, and you have never said to me “I love you Robbie.” And I don’t know why you won’t speak to me. Is it because you can’t? If so, why not??? Is it because you’ve been setting me up from the beginning? Or because one of their agents covertly seduced you, you slept with him, and now you think I won’t love you, or because that happened, and now you have information on who they are and they fear retaliation? I DON’T FUCKING KNOW! There are a million other possibilities, I’ve considered all of them! Yet none of them make any sense! I can forgive you for anything you might have done before you met me Sarah. But you GOTTA tell me SOMETHING!
God says you’re a great girl, and I BELIEVE Him, and it jives with what I observed about you. But He can’t say “I love you” for you. And you need to show me that you love me Sarah! Gather your courage and faith and trust in God, OR DON’T! I’m DONE trying to have faith for all of you. It is YOUR turn to show faith, or I’ll let myself die, because YOU’RE NOT WORTH IT. My life SUCKS! It has SUCKED for a long time! And it is going to stop sucking, or it’s going to end!
If I don’t see you by Sunday night Sarah, it’s OVER.

And I’m not going to come looking for you either!

You need to show me that you love me, because even if you didn’t send that email, you’ve REALLY hurt me by leaving me hanging out to dry for so long. LOVE DOESN’T RUN, but you’re running! So if you really love me you will come to my apartment and tell me you love me. And if you don’t, I will be HEARTBROKEN. But that won’t kill me.

What will kill me is the murderous persecution of me that will never end until I die because of what you’ve done! You’ll have ruined EVERYTHING! I’m ready to die. This is NOT worth it! YOU PEOPLE ARE NOT WORTH IT! JESUS DIED FOR YOU. I WILL NOT! Heaven is waiting for me. I don’t think it’s waiting for many, if not most, if not all of you. And I’m not going to fight for you anymore!

Get your butt down here Sarah and tell me you love me, OR DON’T.
I don’t care if you go to prison for it.
I don’t care if you get deported for it.
Show me that you are my equal!
I will get you out of prison! You can give me the entire world by coming here.
If you get deported, I’ll fucking come get you!
I have been risking my life for TEN FUCKING YEARS to save all of you!
and now it is YOUR turn to risk jailtime! For committing exactly what crime, I have no fucking idea!
If you want to make it up to me, GET DOWN HERE NOW!
Or I won’t have you!
I still love you Sarah, very much, but I will not have you!
You either believe God, or ya don’t!
Make a fucking decision or I’ll make it for you!
I don’t care how much it hurts!
I don’t care if the world ends, I will refuse to marry you!
And then I’ll die, and then you’ll all die!

By GOD I will send you all to Hell by Monday!
Can’t you see what this is doing to me!?
It is time someone did something FOR ME!

I am really weak. I have never been so tired.
I am not going to quit!
I will push myself until I die, which I can’t guarantee won’t happen.
So make a decision before I die Sarah!
It is NOT selfish of me to ask you to put yourself at risk.
I nearly died today, you’re breaking my heart. And I can’t promise you I won’t die tomorrow.
No more explaining, no more possibilities, no more waiting and wondering, NO MORE BULLSHIT.
You either love me, or you DON’T, and if you don’t, I’m not sticking around.
I’m not going to write you anything else. I’m remarkably clear right now.
If we’re not making out on Sunday night…

But DON’T YOU DARE! come down here if you don’t love me just to save the world. If you don’t love me, I’ll figure it out before I marry you and I will absolutely NOT marry you!
Right now it seems a lot like you don’t love me.
Ultimatums never end well. I will never give you an ultimatum again. But right now, it’s life or death. And there are a LOT of lives on the line.
Have courage!
Really Sarah, my heart is breaking that you would leave me to these people for so long.
They’re so evil, and that is not love.
You’re just going to let them torture me to death in your name?
Like that HELL WITCH Ashley?
Don’t you know what she did to me?
Why do you think I can tolerate any more of this?
That I can tolerate living without love for another second while everyone tries to murder me?
If I can count on anyone, I should be able to count on you.
But I can’t!
I love you Sarah,
and it’s killing me.
You need to show up here tomorrow.
And every day that you don’t I’m going to die a little more.
Maybe I should make a bonfire out of all my paintings.
It’s not about money right?
You won’t mind if they all burn.
That’s how I shall die.
I’ll burn them all, and my heart shall beat no more.

I burned this one a couple years ago. Looks like a heart doesn’t it?
I’ll have a little book barbeque in the yard.
They’ll see the flames for miles!
We’ll dance around it like wild injuns
Do you understand me?
Or am I being obtuse?
Give me another month in the hole to think about it

You don’t want to kill me Sarah.
You love me. You love me.
I love you Sarah

I love you sarah
I love you sarah
YOu love me I know you do.
Sarah says I love you Robbie
Sarah I kniow tyou love me
Do you know what a death rattle is?
Haley needs me.
I love you Haley
I love my haley
I love my haley sooo much
I love you Haley
I love my baby puppy
I would never leave Haley
I would never die on you Haley
I love you you Haley
Haley my baby!
I LVOE my Haley

Haley I love you HAelt
Haley love me.
Haley I love you so much
I love my Haley
Haley is my best friend
I love my Haley
Haley would die if I died
Haley my baby
Dog park?
My Haley!
Halehy my babbby
I love you Haley
I’m not going to die Haley
I want Laurance to have you Haley
He’ll take care of you
Haley, Haley, Haley, HaleyHaley
I love you Haley
Haley loves me
I’m going to wake up for Haley
Haley I love you
Haley I love you
Give me a kiss Haley
Haley do you love me?
Haley I love you
oh no I can’t cry like that again
I love you Haely
I love my Haley
Haley Sarah loves me, she loives me doesnt she?
She wouldn’t want me to die
Haley, Haley, Haley, Haley, Haley

no, no ,no onnonon
not yet
not yey
Noet yes

no no nononononononononononon!
Haley loves me
She needs you

I love you Jesus
I love yu Jesus

I love you Jesus
I know you wont kill me yet
I know you’ll give her chanve to get here
I know you will give her until Monday
I won’t cry I won’t cry, I wonlt cry I will not not cry
It’s ok, its ok
Don’t cry don’t cry dont cry donct cry dont cry dont cry dont cry
I”m not oing tto cry like that again
I can’t cry again
No no no no nono nononononon not yet
Don’t cry Robbie

Sarah what have you done
Why’d you do it Sarah?
You’re killing me Sarah
Why are you killing me?

Laurance please take care of Haley
No wait
I cant afford to cry
If I cry, I die.


Every single one of these sports casters is marked for death.
These unholy bowl games are absolutely disgusting!
You’re all celebrating a BLACK CHRISTMAS!

I’m barely breathing Sarah. Did they hurt you?
Tell me you love me, and I’ll never let them hurt you again.
I’ll hurt them so bad!
You’re afraid I won’t love you?
Sarah I love you.

I know everything, and I know nothing.
There is virtually no possibility I haven’t considered.
Sarah… you’re perfect to me.
Don’t you know that I just want to be hold your hand?
why are you breaking my heart?
I couldn’t be any more perfect or love you any more perfectly
why are you breaking my heart??

I don’t have any family left.
Every single one of them is trying to FUCK ME!
Tell me you love me or it’s all over.
I don’t have any strength left.
I have no one to love me.
Everyone just does everything they can to hurt me.
My dad is a coward and my mom is a bitch and my brother has a soul as black as Hell and has ruined my entire family.
That’s why Heather is my mother and Jesus is my father.
Because they love me, and defend me, and celebrate me.

I need to hear you say I love you.
Or my heart will break.
God can’t say it for you.
You have to say it yourself.
And I need to hear you say it.
It’s not about money Sarah. If it was about money I wouldn’t be testifying relentlessly about God. There is NOTHING wrong with making yourself as rich as possible, as long as you don’t do it at the expense of your soul. Sarah I want to give you a BILLION DOLLARS, not because you love money, because you love me! I can’t buy you a ring, I wanted to get you SOMETHING!

I’ll raze everything they love to the ground!
Because it’s all EVIL!
Do you have any idea how hard I worked on my invention?
I would’ve died of joy if you had sold it, its my baby.
I want to see lots of them.
It has nothing to do with how I feel about those people.
It’s one of my children, I’ll always love it.
Those archers are evil.
They deserve to PAY ME!
THAT is justice!
I can’t do anything without you stupid fucking cunts thinking it makes me guilty.
You are ALL trying to entrap me at all times!
EVERYONE I know gives me TERRIBLE advice ALL THE TIME and tries to manipulate me.
That’s why people are supposed to have a right to privacy!
Because if they don’t, the entire world can be brought to bear against them!
And used to SET THEM UP!

I fucking hate you people! This is SATANIC AS SHIT and I will ABSOLUTELY
FUCKING kill ALL of you fucking cunts on Monday!

Make fun of me for being a virgin at the same time you accuse me of being a rapist!
You will bathe in my unholy blood by Monday!