It’s not your fault.
Maybe they meant Sarah Wife Now.
Or Satan Winning Now.
Not gunna happen.
That was enough to tip me over the edge going mad with impatience.
I hope you show up here every single day.
EVERY DAY I am waiting for you.
I don’t watch the news. I don’t watch TV. I don’t listen to the radio. I don’t leave my apartment. I don’t have a bank account. I don’t have any friends. I don’t have any family. And people follow me everywhere honking at me all day. I communicate with the world by decoding the acronyms on people’s license plates when they drive by. SWN-0947. JBM-4491. KKV-7354. HFN-3577. Sarah Wife Now? Or Sarah Worth Nothing? Or Satan Wins? Jesus Bible’s Messiah? Or Jamie’s a Bad Man? Job Market? King of Kings a Virgin? or Valentine’s day? High Fun Now? Idk. It’s maddening. They’re everywhere. This is what I do all day. That’s where I get my information. It’s the greatest psychological nightmare the world has ever known, and it is daily Hell, and I just can’t WAIT for it to end! And I will put it all down the moment I see you. Everything I just typed about the Beast I learned in the last week.
You don’t EVER want to know what it’s like to think one of your memories is FAKE!
You remember doing it, but it couldn’t possibly have happened.
I remember being at the pool… in FEBRUARY!?

There is nothing more important to me than you.
I hope you show up here tomorrow.
I hope you show up here tonight so I can love you like there’s no tomorrow.
I can’t suffer the world to live past Valentine’s day.
When the neighbors leave their apartment the door squeaks, and it sounds like me and you dying to see each other.

It’s Truist Banks fault, they told me to bring them a Duke Power bill this week, after I received it, and kept making a point about it… Duke Lacrosse huh…
It didn’t make any sense.
Why this week? Why Duke power?
I gave them something else with my address on it but that wasn’t good enough.
And it’s Bethany Medical’s fault.
And it’s CVS’s fault!
And it’s Justin Long’s fault!
And it’s King Charles’s fault!
And it’s N.C. State’s fault!

It’s not your fault.
I just assumed when I had a panic attack I would be judged for it.
Because I’m judged for everything else.

I hope you show up here tomorrow.
I hope you show up here tonight.
I absolutely LOVE everything I know about you Sarah.
One bottle of wine calls you “Goddess of Fortune”
But of course, I HATE the wine company!
I bought you more flowers.
They’re beautiful.

I’ll be waiting for you.

Let me tell you about that bitch Ashley Samuel

According to the Holy Bible, and logic, Ashley accused me of raping her.
I did no such thing.
I slept in the same bed with her twice in my entire life, once when I went to Florida to visit her, and once when she came to N.C. State to visit me. According to certain signs and portents, I allegedly roofied her. “I want to drink that, smile”… ED! and others. Like TAYLOR SWIFT. Is it over now?
It’s over for YOU Taylor. I told you this bitch has ruined everything for you.

Because I did no such thing.
There’s a bottle of wine on my counter from a company called 19 Crimes.
It says “Each declared by His Majesty to be punishable on conviction by Transportation
What the fuck does that mean? It freaked me out when I saw it at the store and I decided I needed to come back for the bottles of wine with Sarah, then I decided I couldn’t risk letting them be cleared off the shelves and went back and bought them all up and started to read them and figure things out. That bottle that freaked me out had disappeared the next day when I went back for it, no doubt scooped up by the police who wanted my finger prints on it.
There’s another bottle from “Aresti” with a yellow truck for a logo.
When Ashley came to visit me it was to pick up her new car, a Jeep Grand Cherokee.
And according to the movie Jeepers Creepers, Jeeps are for creepers!
And according to His Majesty the fucking King of England, conviction by transportation, and 19 crimes, this must be SO!
I must’ve been 19 years old at the time, and Revelation 19 would seemingly be a crime to His Majesty I’m sure, but not to Jesus! I got a lot of bottles of wine from the commonwealth. None of them are very friendly, but some of them are super helpful.
According to Bethany Medical, that’s my doctor, I was scheduled to get an injection on 2/5.
They also scheduled me for an appointment on 3/30 at 11:00am… THAT’S A FUCKING SATURDAY.
They also led me to believe Sarah was cheating on me and having sex with some other guy. Thanks for that nurse! Now I know not to trust you!
All these past weeks and the weeks leading up to them I was lead to believe Ashley’s birthday would be judgement day. That’s why I burned those paintings, because it wasn’t happening, so I fucking judged her, and all of you! It isn’t about MONEY for me, it’s about LOVE for SARAH. I burned half a billion dollars because I thought it MIGHT help me see her again soon. Of course I want the money, yes, but the LOVE is wayyyyy more important! So much so that I didn’t hesitate for a single second to TORCH my masterpiece for her.

I remember when Ashley came to visit me at N.C. State. It was super bowl weekend freshman year, that puts it in February 2007. Last week, after Truist Bank kept demanding I present them with mail proving my address where I live, and after giving them mail and having them tell me repeatedly I needed to come back this week with a bill from Duke Energy, things started to make more sense. DUKE LACROSSE is famous for a rape accusation that NEVER occurred. Truist Bank was telling me to “come back next week” because it would be after the anniversary of the alleged rape and that would somehow make it false? Idk, but when I started to put all the pieces together it started to MAKE SENSE. Ashley says I raped her when she came to visit me at N.C. State on Super Bowl weekend of our freshman year of college when she came to get her Jeep Cherokee, when I was 19 years old. On top of that, CVS wouldn’t give me my shot this week on 2/5 and said it had been scheduled for a 30 month supply and I needed to come back on 2/6 for a one month supply. Um What? Huh?

So that’s a bit of jumbled logic for sure, but none of this made sense in one fell swoop, until February 5th… I was contemplating the meaning of all this and remembering back to that weekend when I suddenly realized I had a memory of being with Ashley at the POOL. But she came to visit me in FEBRUARY! But I REMEMBER being at the pool! But it COULDN’T have happened! My heart started racing like the world had just collapsed, I had a FAKE memory! It was HORRIFYING. I threw Heather’s crown to the ground, I threw Sarah’s crown in the trash, and I wept on my bed. Everything I knew could be FAKE! But I collected myself and asked God for help.

By now I knew that when she came to visit me at N.C. State it MUST have been the time about which she had made her accusation, thanks to His Majesty the King of England, N.C. State, Bethany Medical, Truist Bank, the movie Jeepers Creepers, and CVS… There were only ever really these two feasible possibilities, when I went to see her or when she came to see me…

But first of all, who needs to roofie a girl that travels 8 hours to visit them? THAT makes a lot of sense! I’m sure I was well prepared to roofie her when she showed up so I could rape her! Are you kidding me? She was coming to see ME! And now 20 years later I realize it was apparently to set me up! If she wanted me out of her life she could’ve just stopped talking to me and that would’ve been that, we lived 8 hours apart, NOT THAT HARD TO GET RID OF ME! just stop talking to me! I remember she wanted an adderall for her ride home, and I gave it to her, and then watched the super bowl. I was in love with her and continued to pursue her for another year and a half before I gave up, and she continued to lead me on, because she likes torturing me. But it was a lost cause and she wasn’t adequately reciprocating, and I was wasting my college years. By the time I had already started moving on, it must’ve been in 2008, she invited me to a wedding with her family in Winston-Salem, I went to the wedding, but it was too little too late and I let her go and we only spoke once after that. Years later I thought I was getting a second chance with her. It was then that I thought I shouldn’t have given up on her back in college, and that she must have had regrets, but we all know how THAT turned out. I thought I was getting a second chance with the one that got away, when really it was just her wanting to torture me some more!

Back to February 5th 2024… When I realized I had a fake memory, I didn’t scream in the dark and yell Jeepers Creepers, I panicked yes, but I said God you MUST have an explanation! And then I remembered God had sent an Angel to me and reminded me… no Robbie, she came to visit you in the summer one time, but you forgot about that, because you were ready to forget about her. CHRIS DUGGINS. Water looks Crystal Clear. I thought you were saying everyone was a bunch of partying, drinking fools. God put that obscure post back into my head, and I remembered she had come during the summer at some point. Crisis averted. Pray that you never realize one of your memories is fake. It’s horrific, especially when the DEVIL has been trying to kill you for 10 years!

And now I know that GOD HAS JUDGED HER. He enlightened me. That bitch set me up for how long? When did she make these accusations?? What the fuck? Was it a response to me ditching her after that wedding or was she plotting on me the whole time?
Was I investigated for this once before? And if so how come they found NOTHING, and then came back for round #2 only after God got involved? I didn’t roofie her, but I’ve certainly lost the roof over my head!

There are dozens of police, and who the hell knows who else, camped out in my back yard honking their horns at me all day long. It’s OBNOXIOUS! Do ya really think you need a 10 year investigation to figure out the bitch is an evil liar, and this is all about making God out to be a liar? Or excuse me has this been like a 15 year investigation, or a 17 year investigation???? How many Bible prophecies do I need to fulfill before you’ll believe the Word of God? From the VERY beginning I told you I met God and what He said, and the entire Book of Revelation has been revealed to BACK ME UP! As well as Daniel and Zechariah. Why will you not believe? Why must you always look for an excuse that makes me guilty? Why can’t you accept the truth? You’ve all gone fucking MAD! You’ve turned into SOULESS MONSTERS!

After I had given up on her she got a new boyfriend and dated him for a while, and she made some post on AIM. She said “Working on our night moves!” I talked to her a lot on AIM, and I knew she was trying to make me feel bad intentionally, that was directed at me, and it hurt. And years later I thought she had done that because she cared and wanted to make me feel bad. When in actuality she just wanted to make me feel bad, because she’s an insidious monster! The woman is a devil! Read the Holy Bible, it tells you what she did! She deceived you all and made fire come down out of heaven in full view of the people because God told me “Everything will be fine” and I thought that included her. I was in love with her for 2 years in college and couldn’t be near her. I was tortured for her for two and a half years after that when she came back into my life, and couldn’t be near her, and that still wasn’t enough for her, here we are 9 years later and she’s keeping me away from my true WIFE, AND I CAN’T BE NEAR HER! Ashley is WICKED as Hell! She’s the whore of Babylon, she corrupted the whole earth! And PROSTITUTED herself all over the place! You know why God calls her a prostitute? Because she has made me PAY for having sex with her, EVEN THOUGH I NEVER DID! and she turned you all into prostitutes yourselves! with the FILTH of her fornication! Go look at that picture from the dating app TINDER (hint hint) that they used to reintroduce her back into my life. She’s dressed in purple and decked with jewels, just like the Bible says. Standing next to a fucking Christmas tree if I remember correctly. Go look at the golden beer cup full of the filth of her abominations. There are surely THOUSANDS of pictures.
She tried to drag you all to Hell with her! This isn’t Jeepers Creepers, it’s DRAG ME TO HELL!

If you love Ashley, she will fucking ruin your life! (Thank Ashley Taylor Swift, thank ASHLEY) I had never tried so hard at anything as I did with her for those two years in college, and it wasn’t good enough, and I didn’t let myself love again. After I had decided to move on, and I’ll never forget this, a girl named Allie Turner asked me one day “Robbie, why are you so sad?”
I smoked a lot of weed to get over her. It helped.

I can’t believe I ever loved this girl. The things I used to think were cute about her are absolutely DISGUSTING to me now. I could go on and on and on about how shitty of a person she is, just go dig up her old Facebook photos they’re all of her getting drunk and acting like a fool and there’s thousands of them. That bitch came to the beach with me and my FAMILY! The family that I no longer have… I’m not going to go on and on and on. God enlightened me the other night, on 2/5. The things that I remember didn’t add up and I realized it is not me that’s screwed up about that weekend. IT’S HER!

That’s when she says it happened. It’s a LIE! God has judged her! I know the truth now.
And my beloved Sarah is a CARd dealer in CHEROKEE.
Well if that isn’t divinely inspired I don’t know what is!
It’s not a trap set by law enforcement, as some would have me believe, it’s a trap set by GOD, for ASHLEY.
Sarah is my true WIFE. I love her, she’s everything I ever dreamed of and more, she is just absolutely the BEST, and she is God’s response to Ashley just as Heather is God’s response to my stone-cold blood mother. Oh, and Sarah is JEWISH. So much for that theory about this being about Jesus forgiving me.

It is EXACTLY as it says.
I don’t know why I need to even say any of this shit!
It’s plain as day!

Ashley is a widow, a BLACK widow.
I challenge you to find someone dumb enough to marry her after all this!
You’d have to be INSANE!
Her name is Ashes Am.

THANK GOD for SARAH and HEATHER and MARINA and JESSICA and CIARA and ALEX and Ray and Chris’s wives/girlfriends, I don’t know their names.
Wonderful women WORTH FIGHTING FOR.

After me and Sarah are together
we are going to cut your Beast to ribbons.
I am crossing the T on your whole line of battle ships.
I learn more every day about what it does to INNOCENTS, from the time they were CHILDREN

If you are still doubting about God think about THIS!
NOBODY has helped me AT ALL in a DECADE
Nobody told me ANYTHING!
and I have somehow gone from being a pedophile rapist brutally tortured, broken, mocked, stolen from, discarded and abused to

Rejoice over her smoldering ashes you Holy people of God.

I know this isn’t all that well written, I don’t fucking care. That’s what happened.
Sarah I will see you on Valentine’s Day or Al Capone will come back from the dead and kill everyone.
I guess we’re gunna have to wait another week.

I will forever remember the 4th of July 2023 Sarah… when we fell in love.
Not that I want to gloat over Ashley about it.
God wants her OUT of the picture PERMANENTLY so WE can be together.
Zechariah 5, you and Heather with the wings of a stork, and Ashley and her wickedness in a basket like an evil baby.
Take her away!

I’m not ready to rejoice yet. It’s hard not to be sad about all the loss and wasted years of work, time and effort, and pain, and black heartedness, and all the wasted love. Sarah makes it all worth it.

Oh, I get it now. We are going to bring Sarah out to shouts of God Bless her!
I’m sorry Sarah and people at Publix and whoever just listened to that shouting match between me and the air.
Sarah deserves to be the one we all hail as a hero and the one to break the silence of Babylon.
Please bring her out to shouts of God Bless her on Valentine’s day.

I’m REALLY angry with about 1/3 of you. But the other 2/3 I apologize, even though I have every right to be angrier than Hell. For Sarah, I’ll hold my tongue. Don’t think for ONE second I’m not angry. But I love her to pieces and will hold my hostility so she can be the hero.

I love you Sarah.
Bring her out to shouts of God Bless her!
I got all the Angels!