________________________________________________The Strategy of Lies:
Why Evil is inherently divided against itself.

Satan is called the father of lies.  But one can never lie without telling the truth also.  Therefore evil is divided against itself and can never prevail.

Whereas Satan must adopt the position of his enemy at some point in order to prevail (as in he MUST at some point tell the truth), God NEVER has to adopt the ways of His enemy at any point in order to prevail (as in God NEVER has to lie).  Thus the way of Satan perishes upon itself, proving that evil by itself cannot prevail against good by itself. 
Allow me to explain:

If you think that telling the truth is good, then you must always tell the truth to BE “good”.
If you think that lying is good, then you must always lie in order to BE “good”… i.e. BE evil.

But let’s examine why this is not possible.
If I told you the sky is neon green, a truth teller would say “That is not true.”  Inherently implying that true is good, and your statement is bad because it is not true.  And he is perfectly correct.
But a liar would have to say “That is true.” In order to reaffirm the statement that the sky is neon green and be consistent in always telling lies.  While he would be adhering to his philosophy of always lying in saying “That is true.”  He would be implying that “true” is good and insodoing he would be adopting the viewpoint of his enemy, that true is “good” and that lies are bad… but he believes lies are good, so how can he say “that is true”?  Without contradicting himself?  He can’t.  Even though “that is true” is a lying statement, the foundation of the statement is build upon the principle that true is good… because if it is not and true is bad, then the liar is still calling the statement about the sky bad, even though it is a lie.

So for a liar to remain consistent in his philosophy that lies are good, he could try to say “that is not a lie” of the statement “the sky is neon green”.. but insodoing he would be implying that the statement about the sky is bad, it not being a lie, and lies being good… so again he’s contradicting himself.

The liar, in order to be consistent with his philosophy that lies are good, would have to say “that is a lie” with regard to the statement about the sky.  He would have to say this, because he believes lies are good, and to reaffirm his position that lies are good, he would have to approve of the statement about the sky by saying “lies are good, and that is a lie.”  But if he says “that is a lie” then he’s telling the TRUTH!  Thus once again contradicting himself!
The same thing is true if we approach from the opposite direction that true is bad.  If the liar said “that is true” he is calling the statement about the sky bad, because in his philosophy true is bad.  But if the statement about the sky is bad, and it is a lie, and lies are good, then why is the statement about the sky a lie?

On the other hand, truth tellers, and God, never have to contradict themselves or their own philosophy.  God would simply say of the sky being neon green “that is a lie” and His philosophy is that lies are bad.  Thus, no matter how it is analyzed, He is perfectly consistent in his Word from every point of view.

Therefore a liar cannot effectively practice his philosophy of evil without forcibly abandoning it at times and admitting that the way of Truth is in fact superior, whereas a truth teller never needs to reaffirm the philosophy of the liar.  In conclusion, a liar, in order to lie, MUST reaffirm the argument against his own position, whereas truth never need do so… making lying an inherently flawed and weak philosophy.

An old riddle implies the origin of the question about absolute evil:
What is greater than God, more evil than the devil, the rich need it, the poor have it, and if you eat it you die?

The answer is “nothing”

So from the riddle we can establish that nothing is more evil than the devil.  So how can the devil be as absolutely evil as possible?  By NEVER telling the truth right?  If lies are evil and telling the truth is good then he always has to lie.  But he can’t.  He HAS to tell the truth in some way in order to practice evil.  One could say then that maybe evil is just absolute chaos, but if that were so it would be easily controlled by simply introducing order.  Chaos doesn’t have a strategy, so it is unable to defend itself and order easily prevails.  Thus the philosophy of the devil is one of complete contradictions.  In order to be strong in evil, he must know and confirm the truth.

Therefore, Satan, being the father of lies, inherently, CANNOT prevail, in any way imaginable.

This is why Blasphemy of the Holy Spirit is not subjective.  If you say that evil is good and that good is evil, it is not a matter of opinion.  You are actually, factually incorrect.  Because you can’t lie without acknowledging the truth and you cannot blaspheme the Holy Spirit without KNOWING that what you are doing is evil, even though you call it good.

WARNING: Satan is an extremely talented liar and he knows he has to tell the truth in some way. He is exceedingly clever at disguising the true parts of his lies so that you are unable to detect them. I’ve reduced his strategy to its simplest form to show its weakness, but in practice it can become much more complex.

HUMAN DISCLAIMER: It is important to understand that EVERYBODY lies, none of us, except Jesus, is perfect. I ALWAYS try to speak truly, but occasionally I will tell a white lie, or a small lie to get something I want. Yes, it does sometimes happen.

The Divine Printer

__________________________________________The Parable of the Divine Printer

A long time ago God said to me:
“Eventually it will print.”

“Huh, I wonder what that means?” I thought.

Later on I found out He had gifted me a Divine Printer and a manual on how to use it! The manual says it prints Trillion Dollar Bills that are legal tender in all countries! YES! We’re rich! YES!

I’ve been hitting “print” day and night on my computer for 10 years.
The computer keeps giving me an error message!
Is there anything more frustrating than electronics that don’t do what they’re supposed to?
It just says THE SAME THING over and over again!





I am that I am

Is there a God and how did God become God?  
To answer this we must throw out the question of whether God exists or whether He is a myth created by primitive peoples trying to explain their world, and instead we must focus on how He became God, as that will lead us to the perfect logical proof that HE in fact MUST exist.             

To be God, no one other than Himself could have made Him into God, or given Him His power as the supreme form of existence.  No, for Him to be God He must have made Himself God… but how?  That seems paradoxical as a thing cannot create itself right?  Wrong.  God created Himself, and in the Old Testament where he describes Himself as “I am that I am.” He says exactly that.  And this is very interesting because it perfectly sums up who and how He is.             

Imagine for a moment you are trapped in a room with no doors, windows or ways out.  Literally you are in a room with 4 solid walls, a solid ceiling and a solid floor. You cannot get out into the space beyond because there are no doors and you cannot walk through walls.  Every experience you have had in this universe has conditioned you to know that if a wall exists, you cannot walk through it. However, you did not know this when you were first born, it was something you learned, even though it seems so obvious, you did actually have to learn it as a toddler, probably not on the conscious level, however.  The same is true of the theory that matter or light or anything else (let’s just refer to anything that exists as “something”) cannot simply spring into existence out of nothing.  You know this to be true because everything you have ever learned in this universe has taught you that “something” cannot appear out of “nothing.”  But there is a problem with this… it’s not actually true, and you need to unlearn it in order to understand the nature of God and how He first came to be.               

So, we’ve established that you cannot get from point A to Point B if you are trapped in a box at point A, and point B is outside the box, and we’ve established that something cannot come into existence on its own. But let’s think for a minute… you only can’t get to point B because of the walls, if the walls weren’t there, you would easily be able to walk to Point B.  The same applies to the laws of physics, two objects cannot occupy the same space, so something cannot suddenly spring into existence, because there is already “stuff” here, and that stuff is in the way.  Even in empty space, space itself is still in existence and this rule barring spontaneous creation still applies… But what about in a place where nothing exists… and I mean truly NOTHING?  No time, no space, no matter, no light, no colors, not even blackness… literally there is nothing, and imagining it as blackness is incorrect, it’s not even black, it’s just NOTHING.  Well, if such a place existed, it would defy even itself, because it doesn’t exist… therefore in such a place, there are NO RULES, AND ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE… therefore it is perfectly possible for “Something…” (let’s call it an idea for now), to suddenly spring into existence out of nowhere, and this “something” can be anything it wants.  The possibilities are limitless, because there is nothing to stop something from literally willing itself into existence and allowing it to be whatever it wants. Thus the IDEA of GOD, limitless in possibilities and INFINITE in scope, with the idea of a WILL stronger than that of any other idea, would be free to crush all other ideas before they were born, disallowing them to exist, and would be completely free to create Himself. So, from nothingness God emerged, simply by Him saying “I am”… but even moreso, time did not exist in this nothingness, therefore this nothingness never actually existed, and God simply is and always was, and thus He was able to create Himself, possessing all power and knowledge, because the very idea of Him is one of absolute supremeness… and so He describes Himself as I am that I am.  He simply exists because by His very nature He has the power and authority TO exist. One must also understand that God cannot be any better than He is, this idea sums up the essence of His being, and inso being the best possible version of any living thing or idea, He cannot lie, because in lying He would cease to be God, having lowered Himself and given up power.  However, just because He cannot be any better than He is does not mean He is a slave to being God and MUST always do certain things, no… He must rather always BE certain things… because He possesses free will and can do as He likes, for He is a living God.  But His power lies in the truth of His Word… things obey His commands because He commands them to, and He always tells the truth.  So this is the nature of God, and actually it jives rather well with the big bang theory, and even theories of multiple universes.            

Now that we know how God created Himself, we can prove that He MUST exist, and its rather simple… we know that we exist (I think therefore I am), and we know that this world and this universe exist, and we know that this universe has RULES and LAWS that cannot be broken… well, if the universe has laws, then something is driving it towards order, and this proves into and of itself that there is a God, if there were not a God, our universe would be a place of utter chaos… objects appearing out of nowhere, speeding up, slowing down according to no cause and effect, changing direction, morphing into grotesque mutating blobs, following no logic whatsoever, occupying the same space as other objects….  It is difficult to describe such a place, equally as difficult as understanding the concept of “nothing”… but understand it as a place of absolute and unimaginable chaos. This is what our universe would be if God did not exist… From the nothingness we explored earlier, our universe would have exploded to create itself, but there would be no laws, and matter, or more appropriately “whatever the hell wished itself to pop into existence” would be free to do whatever it liked, whenever it liked, however it liked. Just like in that place where “nothing” existed, there would be nothing to stop anything from doing anything it might suddenly initiate, and the result would be truly nightmarish.  But instead we have a universe governed by a God that allows us to exist according to the truth of His word, and live by certain rules of His that cannot be broken.  God set walls in place, called natural laws, that prevent you from walking from point A to point B however you like.  Therefore since our universe is not utterly chaotic (i.e. the speed of light has a constant, unbreakable limit) and since we do in fact exist, and it is easily observed that “nothing” does not exist, (at least it doesn’t exist here, but may still be out there somewhere beyond this universe, though this does not damage the original theory) we can say that without a doubt we have scientifically, logically, (and Biblically) proven the existence of God.  

So to sum up;         
We exist, the universe exists, and “nothing” does not exist…. and according to clear observation time and space and matter are contained in form and motion, and though under unseen control, they are clearly governed by something unbreakably strong and, lacking in chaos, something purposeful and willful… therefore God exists, and God MUST exist, and God CANNOT lie (or will not)… else the universe fall apart.Thus God says: 
“I am that I am”

Robert DeBole

Man has searched for countless centuries to answer this one question…
What is the meaning of life?
Verily, verily I say unto thee:
The meaning of life is to glorify God.
If you do this you will find purpose and meaning in all that you do, do it not and even all the fame, power and riches in the world will never fill the hole at your center.

This painting was done using my own blood as a medium and is mentioned in Revelation 19:13 as my robe dipped in blood. You can have it for the low, low price of $1,000,000,000. That’s a BILLION dollars. My blood ain’t cheap. Priced too high you say? Then don’t buy it. Can’t afford it you say? Neither can Robbie.