-The makers of Sotyktu GOOD! EVERYONE SHOULD BE!
-Cherokee Casino
-Whoever intentionally smashed my mom’s mailbox
-Rodney Rudd
-Mario Gordon
-Russell Wilson
-Kyle Jacobs- He’s a good cop. Or will have been.
-GrizlyTBear-he’s a Christian man, and his son Jacob
-Red Bull
-Wings of Rescue
-Peace Haven Baptist Church deserves SO much praise
Baptists DELIVER!
-Diane, and Jennifer Murray. WHO DID NOT HELP ME! But have good hearts.
-Life Goes On by Oliver Tree
-Skittles… I could very easily put you on the bad list for your “Book of Awesome” but that would be petty and low. I’m gunna be like Marshawn Lynch and throw them everywhere I go.
-That campground in Cherokee right next to the Wendy’s. I’m pretty sure I saw something in your office calling Ashley a whore. Good on ya!
-Michael Kilgo, who FUCKING SILENCED the President of the United States

-Every single person on the planet wants to be a part of this story. 1/3 of them want to ruin it, and 2/3 of them want to be in on it on the good side. We can all be a part of it. To the 2/3, do as your God commands! Get mad on Monday! We are all blessed by God to live through such times. These days will be remembered forever. The black Christmas of 2023 and the glorious new year of 2024 will be remembered for all time. I may not be able to call you all out by name, but you were there, you were there when Christ began to reign for 1,000 years. Your children, and their children, and their children. They weren’t here. They’ll talk about it, but they didn’t witness it. You can be a part of the story too, be one of the soldiers in the Heavenly army of God! And you will live forever!

This list is so short, help me add to it THIS TUESDAY!
I can’t tell you all apart because nobody speaks truly!
Speak my name, and speak truly, so that I can add you to the list of GOOD!