This man is ashamed of you.

Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord from now on. 1/30/24
Harvest the Earth!

These people should be figuratively put to DEATH.
The level of EVIL is APALLING!
They will sacrifice YOU, to glorify THEMSELVES.

All I have to do is ask my Father not to forgive you.
My Father gave me the right to sit down on His throne, just as He sat down on His father’s throne.

Demonic people of the list below:
I have already burned your souls!
Time ran out for you!

You’re going to Hell!
Live with that knowledge for the rest of your life.

I kept trying and trying and trying to save you, and you JUST WOULDN’T STOP WORSHIPPING THE DEVIL!
If I let you back into Heaven, you’ll just do the same thing again!

“People don’t realize that murderers do not come out in the dark with long teeth and saliva dripping off their chin. People don’t realize that there are killers among them. People they liked, loved, lived with, worked with and admired could the next day turn out to be the most demonic people imaginable.” -Ted Bundy

“Clowns can get away with anything. Clowns can get away with murder.”- John Wayne Gacy

You know what Dennis Rader (he was known as BTK, which stands for Bind, Torture, Kill) would do? He’d take his victim’s bodies to the church he was a member, and a leader of, put them on God’s altar, and take pictures. “Rex, it will be O.K.”

He said “Everything will be fine.”
And the bad guys came crawling out of the woodwork!

No, they are not like Jefferey Dahmer, who repented. They’re in HELL!

How are you so different from them? How are you so different from BTK?

Rejoice and be glad people, God has avenged on you the blood of His servants, God omnipotent reigns, and the marriage of the Lamb has come!


That dentist in Marion who is responsible for the loss of my favorite tooth and my once beautiful teeth starting to go crooked. DO NOT TRUST YOUR DENTISTS. DO NOT! Surely they all know this. Or at least many of them do. They must!

Some mother fuckers are always trying to ice skate up a hill. ; )

Ever been a red-breast Will?

The Green Bay Packers, The Dallas Cowboys, The Kansas City Chiefs, Jimmy Johnson, Joe Buck, Troy Aikman, and everyone else.

Harris Teeter. Michael Kilgo will make the final determination. Your employees haven’t been treating me so nice, I found a lot of bad wine still there, and the name Harris Teeter doesn’t bode well. But my friend works for you last I checked, and he’ll be able to tell. Much love Mike. What do they deserve? Did they buy you a new car and give you a promotion like you deserve?

Wells Fargo, for altering my bank statements, deception, trickery, refusal to accept my judgement and trying to tip off my blood mother so she could empty the account before I did. I believe they altered my bank statement and added money into my account. The $1,000 I spent on wine was never debited. I believe I owe Harris Teeter, Publix, The Fresh Market and Lowes Foods some money. I might be wrong, I will examine my bank statements tomorrow. If you want to refuse payment from me to avoid damnation, I will pay you in cash, and you’ll have to do it to my FACE. The Beast is behind all this. It is on every computer. It just changes numbers and payments as it likes! At the grocery store, it changes EVERRYTHING, and charges you what it likes! You have to check your account EVERYDAY, and verify EVERY item on your receipt, or they will just start stealing from you!

Total Wine I have $8,000 in cash and no cell phone, because I don’t have any friends or family. I don’t need a cell phone, because I don’t have any loved ones to talk to. Someone will likely steal my $8,000 right from out of my apartment when I forget to keep it on me at all times, but that’s what I have to do, because I can’t trust the banks. I came to your store to browse, with no intention of buying, but I ended up buying 8 bottles of wine I thought were good. Upon closer inspection, they were mostly evil. I paid you, to buy me and Sarah, and Heather and Harrison, off a shelf, where we were displayed proudly in your store, right next to the boastings of my evil brother and his friends. Nobody seemed too upset about anything, until I paid you in cash.

-Questionable: Methodists

A coven of witches!

The Book of Hebrews– MUST BE REMOVED FROM THE HOLY BIBLE For about 24 hours, I left this up, knowing it was wrong. Because I was debating whether or not to let you all die. If you put God to the test again, He will fail you. I promise you this: the Wrath of God is going to be FUCKING HORRIFIC! You better start rejoicing.

Ed Sheeran. SMILE ED! Guess what Ed? Your stupid fucking song which was designed to kill me, saved my life and introduced me to my wife. Don’t you feel like a fucking loser? Maybe I was a little harsh on you Ed. Your song REALLY helped, I’m just not sure it was meant to. You’re definitely NOT one of the seven angels Ed. It’s DEFINITELY Marina. If I was wrong about you personally I hope you’ll accept my apologies. On the one hand the song says lots of great things about the way I want to treat Sarah, on the other hand “Shivers” speaks to getting stabbed in prison, and the song came out at a time when everyone was still trying to kill me, before the Woman Clothed with the Sun had even been revealed. This is one of the very few questions I still have (or care about) and I’d like to answer it when it is all over. Just what were your intentions? Aside from making money that is. It’s a good song. You’re very talented. And I hope you’re done patting yourself on the back Ed, because me and the nice lady in the pink sweatband just solved it. “Shivers” Could this be an unhappy coincidence? The rest of the song is so accurate as to what’s in my heart. Well then we have: “I want to drink that, smile” Those are odd lyrics, who thinks about kissing like that? Sounds like you MIGHT be saying I drugged her. Those two aren’t enough on their own so where is strike 3? “I want to kiss those eyes…” For that, her eyes must be CLOSED! You say I drugged her Ed, that is what you’re saying, isn’t that so? I say you are a FOOL and I say you’re one of history’s grandest fools, since this song helped bring me together with my BELOVED WIFE!

Oh, wow there’s more, you really are a snake! Suck to suck!

Travis Killsee!

Spectrum Cable and Internet

Xumo TV

LOTS of wine companies. I bought about $1,000 worth of wine today (1/29/24). I don’t have $1,000. I was going to wait to do the shopping with Sarah, but I didn’t want all these to disappear from the shelves. I have all the evidence I’ll ever need. And it brought me from a fit of rage to nearly breaking down crying in the store. YES, HE WILL KILL YOU ALL. THESE ARE THE VIALS OF HIS WRATH!!!!!

Go buy up all the bottles of wine and deliver them to Harrison. Harvest the grapes!

Go out and buy the wine and give it to us, then never buy it again! If you keep bottles for yourself, don’t drink them, give them to your children, and their children, and their children, and their children, and their children, and their children.

A bad wine will typically have it’s name advertised on the front, even wines like “Prophecy” are no good. Even though they have the emperor, the high priestess and the goddess of fortune as their mascots, they are selling the story, and perpetuating it, intentionally. A good wine will have a subtle message on the back, or have a name advertised with empathy, like Rainstorm, or Match Book. Read the messages on the back if you can’t decide which category it falls into. If it falls into an area too gray to decide, leave it on the shelf. The bad ones are generally pretty obvious, the good ones more subtle, because they’re not trying to make money on it, then there are some that are neutral.

Jason Twardzik wasn’t insane. He was a mole. I know this for a FACT. FACT. FACT. FACT.

Jason Twardzik


-EVERYONE THAT DOESN’T STOP BABELING as of 1/23/2024 at 6:00pm

Joe Biden (this is NOT a threat, it is a denunciation)

HisRadio, I don’t get you in my area, so I don’t know what you say, but surely you have done NOTHING for the Lord! Just like EVERYONE else!

Christians who may be doubting, or are jealous, or resentful, or disappointed, or trust their own judgement over God’s, or believe the lies Satan has fed them about me over the years… If you don’t believe that the Bible is the WORD OF GOD, and that we are living through the APOCALYPSE, and that it HAS ALL come true, and if you are “disappointed” that Jesus has not literally come back (even though He certainly came back to me, I MET HIM!), and that instead He appointed me to reign in His stead, and bring about a 1,000 year reign for Him. And if you are “upset” that the Bible refers to ME as “the lamb” (when OBVIOUSLY Jesus is the Original King Lamb, and I’m just a smaller secondary one who isn’t perfect, but was sacrificed for your sake)

Babylon is the dwelling place of every foul and unclean spirit

Zapp Management (the art festival finding service)

ESPN– You are the epicenter of the CONSTANT stream of babeling! If I die, and then later you all start dropping dead mysteriously, it’s because I came back as a ghost, AND KILLED YOU ALL!

Jimmy Johnson “You can’t give him that much time, you get out there and fight. We can win this thing!” Excuse me Jimmy, but you said… we CAN win this thing!?? No, we are GOING to win this thing. You mean to cast doubt, not encourage! You don’t speak truly, you speak in dragon tongue. Put both feet on the pedals you said. Terrible advice.


Hoda and Jenna SAY GOODBYE!!

-Robert Griffin III– Flick me off mother fucker, welcome to my list.

Tauren Wells –

KLOVE Radio Station– A money making scheme. Listener funded, constantly raising money to support itself while doing NOTHING for the Lord in the last 10 YEARS!!! Adheres to a Satanic design. THIS RADIO STATION IS EVIL. EVIL! FINAL JUDGEMENT. TRUST ME.
Carlos, Scott and Kelly, Skip and Amy… I’ll be sure to run right out and get a phone like you said to tonight, since someone stole mine and you and Spectrum Cable want me to run out and get a new smartphone so we can continue Babylon on it. Babylon is DEAD. Enjoy the fire!

For King and Country Christian Rock band “It’s not over yet” MOST BLASPHEMOUS SONG EVER! I thought this was originally done by Toby Mac, and I think FK&C (woah, woah, woah wait a damn minute!, does this stand for “Fuck Christ?” or “Fuck and Convict?”) remade it to make it look like I called out the wrong person. But I didn’t. EVIL! -Final Judgement.

Toby Mac?

Scott Van Pelt, Dan Orlovsky, Stephen A. Smith, Pat McAfee

-Every single host of ESPN’s “First Take” Not eligible for forgiveness.

The Dallas Cowboys, for taking a dive against the Green Bay Packers. That game was CLEARLY rigged. Jerry Jones you’re a TERRIBLE actor, and that’s a good thing!

The Green Bay Packers for playing along, and BTW I already said FUCK ARCHERY!

The Book of Isaiah- needs to be removed from the HOLY Bible!
Isaiah Likely, get that shit out of here.
Divine Diablo you can go too

Shaun Stockton- you’re feisty little one, but you’ll soon learn some respect! I have need of you on the master’s sail barge.

Ashley Samuel: The GREAT WHORE OF BABYLON. Need I say more?

Christopher Asher Wray

The False Prophet JAMIE DEBOLE. The rest of my blood family too!

-The ArcheryTalk users known as “Oh Well” and “Hanklee” and “Wolbear

The “Judge” in charge of this case… who is THE MAN OF LAWLESSNESS! THE MAN OF SIN!
Read 2 Thessalonians… The “judge” in charge of this case is the so-called man of Lawlessness!

The man doomed to destruction!

Mormons! Angels are shining lights in my eyes when I close them. What do you think one violently shaking back and forth means!? I was just thinking how terrible and horrifying it must be for people who adopt into mormonism when they realize it is all fake, and your “holy book” is actually mocking them as idiots! Of course, you only really start the mockery towards the end of the book, to really rope them in. “was the son of nimrod, was the son of moron, Ammonihah, Ahah (that’s a name) The angel Moroni. Ammoron, the land of Moron, the Book of Mormoney” When they realize it is all fake, you are not only stealing their lives, you’re stealing their SOULS, because they will never believe in Jesus again! Or trust anyone again! You’ve built a false Christ designed to convict people. Utah is the land of the ANTICHRIST!
God has let me know very clearly, HE IS ENRAGED WITH YOU!!!!!!!!!
You use the name of Christ for such purposes! How DARE you!!!
Get out of my father’s house!!!!!!
And so it came to pass…
The funny thing about the Book of Mormon is that it doesn’t actually teach anything. Mormons act like they’re on some sort of drug that makes them blissful all the time, I used to wonder what their secret sauce was. Nobody loves their religion like the Mormons I thought. I asked them what it was that made it so special and they couldn’t give me an answer. So I skipped around looking for what it taught, and it didn’t seem to teach anything. It is just a chronicle of what people supposedly did. First they went over here, then they went over there, then this guy became king, then he fought with this other guy, then a new king came along, then they built boats so they could go over there then this guy fought that guy, then Jesus appeared, and then they did this, and that, and the other thing and on and on and on. There are no beatitudes, they’re aren’t any parables, it doesn’t teach any lessons, it doesn’t ADD anything. There was nothing that would make somebody act so damn happy about their religion, no new ideologies or anything. Mormons go around pretending to be ridiculously joyful just to fool ya. It’s just a fucking Satanic act. I don’t know how you keep a lie so big under wraps. Words out now! Christians, we cannot allow this false religion about Christ to survive.
Satan has his throne in Salt Lake City

Anyone who has harmed or threatened to harm a hair on my FIANCEE’S pretty little head!

-The Mayor and City Council of Marion, NC

-Anyone with the letters “TFB” on their license plate!


Artificial Intelligence that writes stories, articles or blogs on it’s own. (This is EXTREMELY dangerous stuff everyone, I know it seems harmless enough but it’s NOT! It will brainwash you!)

-The musician known as “Maneskin

-The Producers and actors of the movie “Free Guy” That includes you Ryan Reynolds. I’m a VERY angry goat!

ANYONE involved in the show “Jury Duty“…Producers, Actors, Directors, even Grips!

The people that made the movie “Joker.” Pay me my FAIR cut and I’ll take you off this list. The movie was a MASTERPIECE, Yup! That’s exactly what my life was like! Horrifyingly confusing and SICK! Anyone who wants to know what my life was like between the years 2015-2017 watch Joker. I can respect how well done it was, but you still shouldn’t have made it, and I will see where your hearts lie by whether you pay me what is fair or whether you don’t. I would even accept as payment the purchase of a moderately priced painting. give me a fair cut.

David Kushner. Never ONCE in this whole story have I “begged for forgiveness” but it is what you’ll be doing! ME AND MY PEOPLE ARE THE DAYLIGHT!

TIME MAGAZINE How dare you. You’re gunna regret THAT!

-Whoever wrote and sings the song “exesRyan Tedder, Tate McRae and Tyler Spry. I don’t think these are your real names.

Monarch CST team. Donna, Kevin, Jacques and Jeannie. I felt like I was a bait ball and you were a school of tunas taking swipes at me. You didn’t offer support, you offered harassment, disbelief, and offensive comments, and I’m not going to tolerate or entertain the blasphemous and disrespectful things that were coming out of your mouths from you or from anyone!

-All the doctors and nurses at Central Regional State Mental Hospital in Butner, NC. Dr. Sumner, Dr. Mogey, Dr. Kauwe, Dr. Markez you locked me up for 3 months even though you MUST have known this was not all in my head! It was already EVERWHERE by that point, and had been for a long time. How could you not know? THE WHOLE WORLD KNOWS. I would call that medical malpractice to lock someone up and make them think they’re crazy when you know perfectly well that at least SOME of the things they are complaining about are perfectly real, and that they ARE in fact being followed by the entire world and the FBI. Dr. Thotakura of Old Vineyard you too. When I told you I was a Horseman of the Apocalypse you denied it was even a possibility, but that is an infringement of my right to practice and believe in my own religion and you had no right to send me to a long-term mental facility. You all forced me to “accept” that I wasn’t being followed in order for me to earn my freedom. It was understood that any feelings of paranoia were signs of mental illness and instability and I had to deny them in order to be released. How exactly does gaslighting aid in your treatment of me?

North Carolina Education Lottery. I can’t help but think that EXTREMELY distasteful commercial is directed at Sarah and me, but even if it’s not, its repulsive and you DESERVE to be on this list just for that! THAT is what you’re selling?? Are you KIDDING ME!? You may think, oh well she works at a casino so we’re not doing anything wrong. But you would be wrong. People in casinos gamble and the house as a small edge, but the player can still win. But your percentages are astoundingly greedy! It’s not gambling with you, its a mathematical certainty that the player WILL LOSE and WILL LOSE BIG for every ticket they buy. And I hate standing behind the poor souls at the gas station while they throw their money away and waste both our times! More prayers come out of casinos than come out of churches, and the people who pray at casinos really mean it! As for my Sarah… POKER IS AN HONEST GAME! Get that AWFUL commercial OFF the air! GOOD. It got taken off the air promptly!

Everyone who celebrates Christmas this year but isn’t a true believing, true practicing Christian. That means get your butts to church!

Everyone who Babels!


Every single major archery bow manufacturer. Bowtech, PSE, Hoyt and Mathews
Would’ve liked to make a quick buck but archery left my heart long ago. Who cares. Don’t worry honey. I hate those people anyway. FUCK ‘EM!
AYAK? AKIA! Are you a Klansman? A Klansman I am!!! CHECK MY FUCKING EMAIL!!! Fuck it. I don’t care if I made a mistake. FUCK ‘EM! Archers helping Archers. Why don’t you ask GrizzlyTBear and his son Jacob how many archers helped him out when he prayed for a miracle. I’m no archer, so that means EXACTLY ZERO! How about the way they treated NutsandBolts when his DVD apparently wasn’t good enough. How about SquareDancer who says the archery companies “know their customers are stupid” He works at Bowtech. Or how about this! NOT ONE OF YOU GOD DAMN FUCKERS have stuck an arrow in me yet! And I’ve got like a fucking 500 point rack! SonnyThomas BOO! SHPOET, BOO! Bambikiller. OnTarget7, Padgett, Heartshotat80, Bjavalina (who’s already dead) Blakeman, Squeegee, and DEFINITELY Thirdhandman, you can all go to Hell! Merry fucking Christmas! ha! GrizzlyTBear feel free to call me up anytime you might need something. Equilizerman, Cash Money, IGlueit4you, fuck you! I’ll sell a single painting for as much as the entire company of Mathews is worth. I’ll sell my robe dipped in blood for as much as the entire value of Mathews, Bowtech, PSE and Hoyt all combined. That’s the ark of His covenant… the story arc. You all tried to kill me, and instead I came out as master of the entire world! You all have made a LOT of bows, but not ONE of you has made a bow that CALLED GOD DOWN OUT OF HEAVEN! HAIL TO THE KING MOTHER FUCKERS!
AYAK? AKIA! Are you a Klansman? A Klansman I am!!! CHECK MY FUCKING EMAIL!!!

John McNelis the former Patent Attorney who would deceive me with the help of my family

My blood parents, my blood family, who have NEVER had my back.

John Clarence Morgan, known as “Diapey John” I told you to submit to my authority or this I would name you you idiot. Tell us again how 25% of scientists think we’re living in a simulation. You must kneel or you’ll go down in history as Diapey John…. FOREVER!

Zack Ritter

Jack Wrege, Chris Wolla, Sam Soots Everybody dips their hands in the blood

Nick Hermandorfer. Jamie says you met God too. I don’t believe anything he says, you’re just a pawn in his schemes. For your sake I hope you were telling the truth!

Winston-Salem police department, who mocked me when I called them for help. They said “Are ya sick??” In the most condescending and mocking way imaginable. “We’re not gunna call the police anymore are we now Robert?” Speaking to me like I’m an irresponsible child. A “conspiracy theory” they called it. Yes, it is certainly a conspiracy!

FBI Internal Affairs & U.S. Department of Justice Civil Rights Division… who claimed “they never heard of me” and who said they could find no internal FBI paperwork or communications concerning me when I filed a Freedom of Information Act request. YEA RIGHT! Way to do your jobs fellas! It’s a fucking cesspool!

Anyone who sees nothing wrong about any of this. If I am of such a great importance that your needs with respect to me supersede the Constitution of the United States, then I am legally YOUR KING, answerable to NO ONE.

J Turner Research 14811 St. Mary’s Lane Suite 140 Houston, TX 77079

Alliance Defending Freedom. For being total frauds, more worried about baking cakes than defending real Christian freedom.

Mount Tabor Methodist Church for turning me away with disdain when I came to them for help. Same thing for St. Leo’s Catholic Church, both in Winston-Salem. CLEAN UP YOUR ACT! You kick me out of my father’s house when I come there for help!? Thanks for taking that little sign down MTM. Yea, I saw it. And then I saw it disappear. Stop ringing that bell.

Dr. Christopher Aiken (is he even a real guy? Name is quite suspicious) of Winston-Salem’s Mood Treatment Center. He is NOT the “therapist” I met with back in 2017. I met with some other lady and she was wildly wicked and did more to piss me off than she did to provide therapy, until one day she made me so angry I stormed out and never went back. I do not remember her name but she was most evil and I have no doubt whatsoever she was working with the enemy, or one of them outright. This took place at the Lewisville-Clemmons office in 2017, the woman was probably in her mid 30’s to early 40’s. I don’t know her name and can’t find any record of her, but Dr. Aiken is in my email history as my contact, even though I have no recollection of ever meeting with him. Perhaps he can divulge the evil therapist’s name, and unless he does, onto the evil list he goes! He is likely covering for her, to ensure there is no trace of her and that I can’t find her. Why not just put the entire Mood Treatment Center organization on the list then? She was very evil, among the most hated throughout the entire 10 years out of everyone I encountered. I wish I could remember her name. My blood mother sent me to her on the condition that I see her if I was to live in my mother’s house.

The Hardees in Marion, NC

Mi Pueblito in Marion, NC

CraneCPE in Marion, NC

Katy Cook Photography

-The entire state of Utah. The BEEHIVE state they call it, wonder why? Maybe cause the honey is always sweeter at the hive! Lot’s of beehives in the barren desert wasteland huh? You want me so bad it’s like acid in your mouth. But not this time agent UTAH! Haha Haaaa FUCK YOU! By the way… everyone out there searching for Bigfoot. Bigfoots don’t exist. It’s a metaphor, a code. Much like our friend Johnny Utah. I’ve laid waste to your entire STATE! Don’t even get me started on Brig-ham Young! Merrrrrry fucking CHRISTMAS from the REEEAL JESUS! Not the one you MADE UP to CONVICT people!

-Anyone involved in the disgusting show Outlander

Saweetie for their song “Best Friend” I know what this song is about and it REALLY makes me mad! You insult the HOLY QUEEN! And no, she WILL NOT be working! You had me confused for a while but in the end you only helped me. She a 2,3 trick huh? Not quite. I about fucking threw up when I heard you say “Now she twerking” That is NOT how this story goes. Let’s get one thing straight… HEATHER IS MAGNIFICENT, and you… YOU SUCK!

Sheetz Gas stations. You’ve got some fucking nerve pointing at me when I come back into your store to grab a bite to eat, after what the meadowlark location did! That’s how you treat your customers?? Just WOW! And all those cops that were hanging out there, who are they there to protect? Me or you? Because you’re the one whose got employees telling their customer the disgusting things they did with their food, and then pointing at ME like I’M not welcome there for telling the CEO. Just WOW! You know I had condemned that one store, and I told everyone to leave all your other stores alone, because this was the action of rogue employees. But I was wrong, this looks like a management and policy problem, and now I’m condemning the whole company. Sometimes the name says it all. Sheetz.


Duke Cannon. Giving you what you deserve, a big lump of coal! Yea, yea let’s throw insults at Robbie that’s how we’ll get our business name out there! Way to FUCK yourselves! You know I asked for coal for Christmas onetime when I was a child. So I could start a FIRE!

Matt Barrie and Dan Mullen, announced the Duke’s Mayo Bowl and made some very offensive comments. Refused to shut up. END THEM.

-My entire family. They had horsemeat for Christmas dinner! I was too upset to attend the meal, but I found the leftovers. It doesn’t seem to be beef or pork, and my mom called it “tenderloin” and that it most CERTAINLY is NOT! It’s fucking horsemeat! She tried to feed me Horsemeat for Christmas dinner!! What a BITCH!! This is because I said Jeffery Dahmer got into Heaven. “Behold, I am making all things new!” OR WAS IT HUMAN MEAT?

-ANYONE involved in the TV show Monsieur Spade. I wasn’t even watching tv and glanced up and see “Constance Demontoy” listed in the credits. The title of the show… “Monster Spade” As in I’m a monster and I’ve been neutered. Little horn! Little horn! Little horn! OH WOW IS THIS SHOW BLASPHEMOUS. Note the saint (virgin Mary?) being stabbed in the heart by several swords and CLIVE OWEN saying “Well done” Boy did you people FUCK UP BAD!!


-Taylor Swift. OH MY GOD YOU’RE HIDEOUS! Karma is gunna hunt you down, step by step from town to town! Purring in your lap ’cause it loves you! Because you find so much inspiration in someone else’s torment and making money off it? It must be exhausting always rooting for me! Isn’t that right? Are you going to laugh up at me from Hell? Cause that’s where you’re going! And apparently you know it. I don’t care how popular you are, I only care about what kind of person you are and what is RIGHT. How long have I been your sole inspiration? How much money have you made off me? How ungrateful you are to the God that made you, that you would spend your enormous amount of time and money dancing all over someone who is already having a really bad time. I think you even wrote a song about me apparently being gay at one point called “Shade.” YOU’RE A MONSTER TAYLOR. Even if they weren’t about me, I see right through you. Poor, poor Travis Kelce. (spoiler alert: I’m her REAL boyfriend Travis, she loves me! “Karma is my boyfriend”) I’m sure you’ll throw a bunch more mud at me Taylor. It’s what you do best and the only talent you actually have. Oh, you’re in trouble wicked one. Happy Halloween Taylor, I’m gunna dress up like you tomorrow and hand out candy. You’re one of Satan’s most prized possessions! I gotta ask you a serious question…Are you dating Travis Kelce as a response to try to compete with Sarah and I for national attention? Oh you gotta be KIDDING me! WTF? HAHAHA you CAN’T be serious! That’s GREAT! Look darling, Taylor Swift. DEADLIEST pistol there since Wild Bill they say! Hahaha! I calculate that’s just about the end of this town. Yall are like twins Taylor, but I hate you even more than I hate Ashley, cause I haven’t seen her in years. But you, I see you everywhere. Is it over yet? It will be over in no more than 3.5 months. And then you will be too. YOU’LL BE YOUR OWN UNDOING. I like fighting with you very much, you make me smile from ear to ear 🙂 , a real live monster to fight with! But I’m DONE.
I want you safe and sound in a BIG GOLDEN CAGE, watching while everyone else burns.
It was a good corn harvest the last 10 years…
Looks like this year’s harvest will be even better!
Have you ever been harvested Taylor, to make sure the crops grow?

She sold her soul to the Devil
and turned herself into some kind of a monster!


You are not going to be included. It’s your lucky day, despite what you did I will not treat you the same way. I understand a great many things. You may go in peace.