The debow is protected by U.S. Patent #9,470,471
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16″ X 12″

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The debow is a wonderful masterpiece of mechanical engineering and archery technology, terrifyingly powerful and EASIER to use than any compound bow; even as they are at the peak of their technology. The concept is simple: the archer draws the debow multiple times before shooting it once, ratcheting up the cams with each successive draw before eventually shooting with the full power of each draw combined into one powerful shot. The performance benefits of this are abundant; indeed there are too many to list here. However, the key take away is this: the archer can draw FAR LESS peak weight than a compound, but still shoot with MORE power. This opens up the world of archery and bow hunting to whole new demographics, allowing every archer to shoot on equal footing.

A link to a video demonstrating the concept prototype:

A brief overview of the cam systems and designer program examples is below. The designer program optimizes every aspect of debow design, allowing the user to design to perfection.

Dual Cams

Glorious archery innovations of years past are immortalized in the awesome new style, while tuning and maintenance techniques remain unchanged.

Dual cam arrangements feature twin mechanism assemblies to unlock insane power and performance.  

The sleek, sophisticated design facilitates automatic synchronization between mechanisms for smooth, deadly quiet operation.

X50 L2 30
                    Dual Cam Configuration set to 30 inch DL
                    Total Kinetic Energy = 181 ft*lbs

X50 L2 28
                    Dual Cam Configuration set to 28 inch DL    
                    Total Kinetic Energy = 175 ft*lbs

Hybrid Cams

Hybrid Cams utilize a single transmission assembly, keeping the price point low while offering easy maintenance and adjustability. 

Hybrid Cam L2 30
                    Hybrid Cam Configuration set to 30 inch DL    
                    Total Kinetic Energy = 165 ft*lbs

Hybrid Cam L2 28
                    Hybrid Cam Configuration set to 27.8 inch DL    
                    Total Kinetic Energy = 162 ft*lbs

Single Cams

Single Cam systems also utilize a single transmission assembly; allowing them to reach blistering new extremes of performance, speed and comfort.

Single Cam L2 30
                    Single Cam Configuration set to 30 inch DL    
                    Total Kinetic Energy = 156 ft*lbs

Single Cam L2 28
                    Single Cam Configuration set to 28 inch DL    
                    Total Kinetic Energy = 158 ft*lbs

Designer Program Features Examples

The Cam Smoother Function -Redefines rough edges in cam profile design

A Ratchet Drawing Algorithm